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*Here we are dedicated to teaching and sharing all things Frugal, Self-Sufficient and Self-Sustaining.* This is a group where we can collectively share and learn from others on how to DIY, whether it be gardening, home repairs, homesteading, self-reliance, self-sufficiency, permaculture, organics, making your own products, economical cooking, home remedies, auto repairs, and much, much more. PLEASE NOTE!!! All we ask is that you play nicely with others and not cause trouble, start arguments, disagree agreeably when you don't agree with a post (or just ignore it), and treat others with respect. Members who cause trouble won't be members for long. :-) *Participation and posting regularly is a requirement. NO LURKERS Please* Please avoid posting messages of doom and gloom (i.e., the world is coming to an end . . . ) as we will reject, delete, or lock the thread of any such posts. Our goal is for this to be an upbuilding place to be. Thanks!!!
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  • Prudent-Living | CHAT
    A place for members to chat about whatever is on their minds concerning homesteading life, their dreams, aspirations and hopes.
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